Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Firefox Sync: a bit of a fail

So I was setting up Firefox Sync, having used Google Sync for a while its nice.

On the first device no problem, then I move to the second device, which is not with me.

Fire up sync, and I see the best option is "I Don't Have the Device with Me"

So I click it, and then....

What? I need the recovery key? From the other device? But if I have the other device, then why would I click "I Don't Have the Device with Me"???

So I have to click "lost my other device"?



previouslysilent said...
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previouslysilent said...

I use lastpass for password sync, it works between firefox and chrome.

I use xmarks, acquired by lastpass, for bookmark sync.

Of late I am moving to chrome and multiple profiles, using xmarks and lastpass to sync bookmarks and passwords but isolation of logins as I use Google at work and several accounts at home.