Monday, January 21, 2013

Divorcing Apple - part 4

Divorcing Apple - part 4

The final part, after parts 1, 2 and 3

Which applications I'm missing, and how to do something about it.

Any suggestions, please let me know


previouslysilent said...

gwenview is an excellent image viewer, part of KDE.
It offers jpeg lossless rotation, cropping and scaling.

kate, the kde advanced text editor is excellent.

people slag off GIMP but it's really just a matter of finding your way around.

truecrypt? just use LUKS, the linux installer will walk you through it. Ensure you use the right mode if you have a recent core-i processor with AES-NI for acceleration.

previouslysilent said...

don't use virtualbox, its performance is rubbish

the best virtualisation platform is KVM and has some of the lowest overhead of any virtualisation on linux.

Xen is good too, but IME is only good for hosting servers, not so good with graphical consoles.

Unknown said...

Thanks I'll look into KVM.

Is LUKS cross-platform? I use TrueCrypt to encrypt the HDs I carry too and from the office: off site backup, and a bus with a couple 1TB HDs has a lot of bandwidth.