Friday, February 15, 2013

Geo tag photos on Linux / Ubuntu

With my move to Linux / Ubutu, I need to replace some Mac OSX specific applications, one in particular is GPSPhotoLinker

There are two solutions:

1.  If you want to apply a GPSx track to a batch of photographs, the near straight replacement is "GPSCorrelate" which you can get from either Synaptic or the command line

After installation it lives in the "graphics" section.

Launch and then add your photos, GPSx track and off you go.

BTW, instructions on how to create the GPSx file are here:

2.  For individual photos, "Geotag" works well. Its a Java runtime app you get from Sourceforge. It has an interesting approach where you load a photo, and when you want to tag it, a web client starts on a local port, and you can drag the marker around to set the co-ordinates

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