Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rename Panasonic and other DSLR movies automatically

Some cameras such as Panasonic ones that takes movies, name the movie files 00000.MTS, 00001.MTS, 00002.MTS, 00003.MTS etc. You copy them off, delete the originals and then of course the camera resets the number back ie it restarts at 00000.MTS.

Well thats tricky because you'll soon lose track of which movie is which.

Handily there's a script you can from here which renames the movies to the date and time they were taken. Direct download link:

1.  Put it in the same folder as your movies that need renaming

2.  Rename it to

3.  At the command line in OSX or Linux make it executable

    chmod +x

4.  Then call the script like this:

    for X in 00*MTS; do -d -p VIDEO- -a -1080p $X; done

5.  Bonus points: get the script's usage by doing

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