Friday, March 22, 2013

Google App Engine Launcher on Ubuntu

I've been getting into Google's App Engine recently, and have started re-building one of my photo site on it, as probably you've seen on Google Plus.

On OSX Google provide the very excellent App Engine launcher for your Python projects, but not on Ubuntu or other linux distros. OK you might use Eclipse but thats for your Java projects.

If you'd like similar funntionality on Ubuntu or other Linux flavour, these instructions basically from here worked well for me.

1. Switch to home directory

    cd ~/

2. Install a dependency

    sudo apt-get install python-wxversion python-wxglade

3. get the launcher. NB this text may get wrapped

    svn checkout google-appengine-launcher

4. switch to the App Engine launcher directory

    cd google-appengine-launcher

5. Run the launcher


Clicking on 'Edit' launches your preferred text editor which for me is gEdit, more of which later.

Of course on OSX TextMate is shear brilliance. 

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Unknown said...


Could you please help me in solving this erro. I am getting the follwoing error when I click on ok to create a new project in GoogleAppEngineLauncher:

Cannot create a new project. App Engine SDK not found.
Please install the App Engine SDK, or set its location in the Preferences.
Preferences can be edited from the Edit -> Preferences menu