Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Google Chrome Remote Desktop in Full Screen

If you use Google Chrome Remote Desktop, and want to run in Full Screen, here's how.

0. Goto the Chrome Web Store and get Chrome Remote Desktop, and launch

1a. If you are using Chrome Browser: Go to a new tab, find the remote desktop application, right / control click and select "Open Full Screen"

1b. If you are using Chrome OS, click on the Apps button at the bottom

find Chrome Remote Desktop - you may need to click on the second pane as here

alt / right click on it and select "Open as Window"

2. Connect to the remote computer. Initially the remote screen will be scaled to fit your local screen. move the cursor to the top of the screen and the drop down appears

Click into 'Screen Options' and select 'Full screen'.

And here's my MacMini's screen. If there's a size / resolution mismatch and the remote side cannot adjust on the fly (like here) then you have to decide whether to shrink or scale etc.

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