Monday, May 13, 2013

Garmin Edge 500 Firmware: how to downgrade the firmware

My Garmin Edge 500 had a new firmware released for it, v 3.20. One problem is that startup time is now very very long. It used to be ready in about 10 seconds, now its about 1 minute.

I was looking for how to revert and downgrade to v 3.00, and I found some instructions here.

Since this is hosted on a Garmin forum I figured I would preserve the information on how to downgrade, and also the firmwares here.

Here's how:

0. Download the firmware you want. Don't forget, this is for the Garmin Edge 500, not any other model!

1. Plug the Edge 500 into the PC.

2. Once the Edge 500 is ready, copy the file to the Garmin subdirectory on your unit, renaming it to gupdate.gcd. The 500 will appear as another drive on your desktop (Mac), file manager eg Nautilus (Linux), Explorer drive letter (Windows)

3. Save the following into your Mac / PC / Linux computer so you don't have to recreate stuff:
    Garmin\Sports\ (optional)

Updating the firmware doesn't usually mess with these files (a 'full reset' normally proscribed by Garmin support does).

4. Safely remove the Edge 500 from the Mac / PC / Linux.

5. Power up the Edge 500. If you are loading an older level firmware, it will ask you to verify you want to do this.

6. Let it update. This may take a while, be patient. Be very patient. Very.

7. Once the update completes, power the Edge 500 back down.

8. Reattach to your computer and restore the files saved in step 3.

9. Safely remove the 500 from the PC.

10. Power up the Edge 500, rescan for HRM, GSC-10, other devices, and re-pair them.


Seth said...

Thanks! My 500 has been misbehaving since I upgraded the firmware to 3.3. Your guide gave me the procedure I needed to roll it back to 3.2, which had been working fine.

Unknown said...

Can you explain how long it took t restart the GE 500. I left mine overnight an it still did not complete. Was fearful ihad broken my GE 500 for good but seems OK now, still with 3.30.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this. I was having issues with my 500 not picking up my PowerTap SL+, and downgrading to v3.2 fixed that.

The issue I have now is that every time I sync with Garmin Connect, it puts the latest version of the firmware on. How I can I stop this behavior? Surely there is a setting to not automatically update firmware?

bubi said...

Hi Tom,
I had same problem like you. Disable automatic updates from Garmin Express.
From Settings; Schedule; Never


bubi said...

Hi Tom,
I had the same problem. Disable automatic updates from Garmin Express.
To do this: Settings; Schedule; Never