Sunday, December 22, 2013

Adobe Acrobat: four things I hate about you

Recently I got an email from Adobe entitled "Top 5 reasons to get Acrobat XI". OK, I'll bite...

Here's two three four reasons to think very carefully if you do.

  1. Acrobat's security sucks. Big time. How can this be? They are a big company. Anyway, no need to believe me, have a look at US-Cert.
  2. Who thought to build javascript support into PDFs? And it on by default?

    OK, to disable it, go to Preferences, select Javascript on the left, then deselect "Enable Acrobat Javascript" and save.

  3. The patch policy sucks. They don't do combo / roll-up patches. So for each update I have to run a patch? The version on my installer disk is an early v9, and the first patch takes it to v9.10. And then.... the madness... Oh my F goodness... to get from installer disk version to current state takes 23 patches? Run individually of course, each one requires admin credentials. Thats an hour of your life gone for ever.

  4. Upgrade pricing... so if I want an up to date version, its AU$282?

Seems I'm not the only one here...

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