Saturday, December 28, 2013

Minoura LR340 Live Ride Mag Trainer - part 1 - setup

Recently I got a Minoura LR340 Live Ride indoor mag trainer. Its has two features that sold it for me:

  • The Live Training iPhone App. More on that aspect in part 3.
  • Its has newly developed magnetic resistance magnets, which are sufficiently accurate that you can set it up to provide specific, calibrated resistance eg 300W.

The trainer arrived in a solid box, and after opening it of course I read the instructions. The words and explanation are clear enough, but that pictures less so.

So here are some actual photos to help anyone wondering how to get started.

  1. Get the tools you'll need: a spanner and 4mm hex key

  2. Spread the legs of the unit. Mine had the rubber feet on already, while the instructions say you have to fit them.
  3. You have to remove a bolt

  4. And then attach the unit. You don't need to make it massively tight. If you over tighten the unit won't pivot correctly when you put your bike on.

  5. Next put on the adjuster bolt. This is required to allow for different wheel and tyre sizes

  6. And here's what it looks like, from the side

Next part is attaching your bike and the remote controller.

Replace your quick release skewer with theirs, and then turn the handle on the right hand side so you can get the bike on. Tighten up the handle, and here we are

Then attach the remote control to the handlebars.

And thats it.

Well one more thing... you'll need to lift the front wheel up, so here's a 1 cent piece of wood doing the job.

Next, in part two we see how to get started with the Live Training App, the iPhone, Wahoo ANT+ adapter, HRM, cadence and speed sensor

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