Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Minoura LR340 Live Ride Mag Trainer - part 3 - riding a course

Part 1 of this review / quick start / how to dealt with setting up the Minoura Live Ride LR340 trainer and the bike. Part 2 was getting the iPhone to see the HRM, Cadence and Wheel sensors, and general setup of Live Training.

Part 3, this one, is how to ride a pre-defined course. The reason for calling all this out separately is that the instructions are firstly in Japanese only, and secondly wrong. For example, Minoura say there are some pre-loaded courses, well there aren't.

First off, getting a suitable ride file. Live Training can accept either KML or GPX. If you use Strava and you want to ride something you already rode, or someone else already rode, GPX is the way to go. You can use Google Earth to create a KML of course.

Assume for the minute you want to re-ride one of your own rides, and you uploaded it into Strava, so you've got access to the data. The easiest way I found was:

  1. Create a new Strava account - the reason is we want to crop the ride, but leave the original, else we'll lose the KMs, and that would never do, right?
  2. Then either:
    • Download the ride from your 'master' Strava account. This gives you a GPX file
    • Find the original Garmin .fit file
  3. Upload this file into your secondary Strava account
  4. Crop it to the bit you are interested in
  5. Export from secondary Strava. This gives you a GPX of that climb, or TT, or whatever.

Here's an example from a recent ride

Then we need to get this GPX onto the iPhone so Live Training can see it.

The only way I know of is to use iTunes to sync the GPX file.

Open iTunes:

  1. Select your iPhone on the left hand side
  2. Select "Apps" at the top
  3. Scroll down and select "Live Training" at the bottom on the left
  4. Drag the GPX file you created above into the window bottom right
  5. Sync changes

To make this into a Live Training course, go back to the iPhone, open Live Training, and:

  1. Touch "Course"
  2. Touch "New Course"
  3. Give it a name
  4. Touch "Load KML/GPX file"
  5. In the lower part of the screen you see "Documents Folder" and you should see the GPX you just uploaded. It helps if you gave the GPX a friendly name
  6. Save all that, and when you go back to the Course screen you should see the course and a little thumb nail.

To ride this course, make sure you are on the Course screen, touch the course you want, and it loads up. Get yourself ready, start pedalling, confirm the HRM, cadence and wheel sensors are online and responding, set the remote control to the value in the Live Training window, and when ready touch "Record".

And off you go!
If the video above doesn't play, try this http://youtu.be/gDOUAK-zPfs:
Part 4 is next: how to create courses for the Live Training App so you can ride them.

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